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Proali Goalie Training is pumped to have opened our new 2,100 square foot facility; which has a dressing room,  seating for parents, two training rinks with 20 foot ceilings, both set up with video for immediate review after each drill. Wired with sound for goalies to plug-in their work out play list for their intense skills development session. In addition there's a skate treadmill for players as part of the NHTC programs.

Training Rink 1


Seventeen feet by thirty two feet rink 1 has great length for working on perimeter saves, screens, deflections, attacking, retreating, breakaways and depth managment along side other skill sets requiring more distance.

This idea of having a pro-speed facility started in my parents basement back in 2007. I went to work by helping one goalie reach their goal, then a second goalie, then a third. Today we run between twenty - twenty five sessions per week. Helping goalies everyday reach their goals. If you have the work ethic to never quit, determination to get better, goals you want met and want to learn, contact us, its where it all starts!

Training Rink 2


Twenty one feet by twenty eight feet rink 2 has optimized width making it great to work on skills like butterfly slide & on-ice transitions for lateral movement, wrap arounds, net drives, playing the puck along with other skill sets requiring more width.

Both rinks are a one piece surface, fully enclosed by safety netting and each has their own industrial fan to keep goalies cool while training.

Dressing Room.

Our dressing room is just off the main entrance allowing for lots of natural light. It sits six goalies with bench seating, storage & hooks for clothing and personal effects with a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

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