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Program Information

Private 1-on-1 skills development: Find out why unique Pro-Speed training rinks create great goalies! 

At every level the training needs of goalies are different. I have goalies from hockey 3 through Junior to College working on their craft.

Get a 3-in-1 workout: 

  • Muscle strengthening

  • Cardio vascular &

  • Learn modern evolving techniques (muscle memory).

With 1-on-1 training we can make a difference in your abilities, helping you reach your goals!  

Goalie Fit - Dryland training (Circuit Training)
Goalie Specific Dryland training targeting:

  • Strength training - to build strength and build muscle.

  • Plyometrics - boost your ability to activate muscle fibres quickly, helping you explode across the net, push harder post to post, reacting into saves faster.

  • Movement - increase foot speed, agility & quickness while working on body control.

  • Core - emphasis on abs & lower back in order to improve core strength & stability. 

  • Flexibility and Balance - Stretches that mirror save selections improving balance when performing in games. 


Get a cardio workout that’s fun, exciting & takes mental strength!

*Please note – no weights involved making it great for all ages

​Semi-Private Goalie Training:

  • 2 Goalies to 1 Instructor

  • Teams train both goalies on our Pro-Speed surface in our facility, 1 hour sessions.

Goalie Training During Team Practices:

Instructor attends team practice working on goalie skating techniques, crease work and different skills depending on areas that require improvement (as advised by Parent &/or Coach).


Please note - Proali Goalie Training is a BC Associate Member and Respect in Sport Certified. BC Special Event Requests will be excepted by BC Hockey & Pacific Coast.

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